“I help performing artists retain a sense of authenticity and tap into deeper creative content”.

Mel Golding

An Artist’s Experience

At every point in an artist’s life, support is needed. A mentor or coach can advise and guide an artist in covering many needs. The growing demands for the protection of artists continue on an emotional and spiritual level and have, without a doubt, increased over time. Without these interventions, artists risk exposing themselves to unnecessary mental health issues that could have been avoided altogether. The reality is it does not stop with emotional health but extends to spiritual health and misalignment of the true self. Misalignment can result in personality malfunctions opening up into a world of an identity crisis. Furthermore, this can eventually manifest into physical diseases and illnesses. Feeling misunderstood or lacking empathy can result in depression, and anxiety, leading to self-harm, drugs and addiction.

Mel Golding offers a bespoke coach & counselling program to help guide artists according to their needs. Mel’s training as a person-centred counsellor compliments her own experience as an artist, where empathy is truly at the core. Mel believes in venturing into the holistic understanding of an artist by addressing the spirit & mind. Mel is newly trained in the field of spiritual counselling, which she believes will enhance her work with artists. The difference between the two therapies is the emphasis on the healing methods. Person-centred Counselling is a talking therapy placing the person at the centre of the driving seat as he or she navigates their way towards healing with the therapist at their side. Clients control what they present, and healing begins through the relationship. It has been successful for many years and was founded by the father of humanistic psychology, Carl Rogers. Mel is integrating this method whilst developing and implementing her own theories specifically catered for artists & musicians.

Heart-centred Healing

The direct link to an artist’s heart is through their art. All performing artists are creatives and operate on a soul level. When artists suffer mental health and emotional challenges, the spirit is in dis-ease and suffering. All healing work must be done slightly differently from conventional methods of healing. Mel believes many people have not found success through therapy because of the therapist mismatch. The counsellor-client rapport and connection are key factors to the client’s success in therapy.

Support & Guidance

Mel Golding offers bespoke counselling and coaching services for established artists and those on their way to building a career. The importance of support is highlighted in Mel’s research.

As a qualified mental health practitioner, Mel combines her expertise in music with her counselling knowledge, offering artists holistic support and guidance for their journeys no matter the level artists are at.

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