Sitting in the Shadows of Siblings

The effects of stardom on anybody will have impacts. Unless in the limelight themselves, rarely do we hear of the sibling experiences who lie in the shadows of their star sib sister or brother.

It is easy to see fame as an opportunity for those with certain ‘persona’s’ who strive to make it. It is easy to see fame as an opportunity for those with a particular ‘persona’ who strive to make it. The shadowed siblings who embody boundless energy and motivation are likely to emerge from the hidden roles due to traits of self-worth and motivation. Such siblings are likely to desire public admiration and not tolerate the idea of resting in the shades of their brother or sister. These siblings are more likely to pursue the need for attention to gain a sense of equality, and there is nothing wrong with good old-fashioned sibling rivalry. However, for some siblings of performing artists in the limelight, the situation can be pretty challenging and bring about an entirely different experience.

In childhood, the importance of equal love and attention is essential to developing the brain and the personality. Our sense of self-worth and self-love primarily comes from our parent’s style of love given to us. When good love and attention are interrupted, negative beliefs can emerge and lead to the internalization of our self-belief systems.

When fame is injected into the family equation, it can be difficult for the siblings to cope with their parent’s attention, which may rest more on the sibling with fame. In other words, if two siblings have different quantities of parental engagement, they can end up having different experiences of their parents; this can also extend to the experiences of school life, friends, and home life.

Avoid Jealousy Issues

Parents and carers need to bear in mind the element of an unhealthy emotion called jealousy. Shining the limelight evenly on all children is essential when promoting equal love & attention. The celebration of uniqueness will elevate a good sense of self as the magic of each sibling’s unique talents will grow internally. Essentially, you are nurturing the seeds of self-love and security by validating your children. Gradually, jealousy is somewhat avoided, jealousy can become a problem if not addressed and lead to a path of evil.

Jealousy is a trait that comes from a juvenile place of development. It is from an underdeveloped sense of security in the self. The dictionary states several words around jealousy that I feel are relevant: protection, rights, rivals, and resentment.

Fame & Family

It is a known fact that fame can change many aspects of life, not only for them but for their family. Continuous social media attention, including paparazzi, television, and the papers, can become a part of everyday life. This aspect can be welcoming for some who build on lucrative careers, but for others, it can be unwelcoming as the invasion of privacy descends. In the context of self-worth and validation, this type of attention can be a risk factor and present many external validation and dependency problems, whether in the present moment or later in life.

Fame can also be a challenge for the sibling who feels blended in the shadows. Fame has a habit of Fame has a habit of changing social relationships. For example, fame may change the way that people behave towards you. Fame can also challenge the sibling who feels lost in the shadows. Indeed, artists and their families can feel like they need to live up to something beyond themselves, which could be difficult for some.

The Solution

Siblings of the famous must understand the reality of fame and support their star brother or sister. Equally, the celebrity sibling needs to understand the responsibility that fame brings.
Being famous can be a positive thing for siblings, as fame makes them more relatable and provides opportunities that might not have been available otherwise. Balance is always a key factor. Families with multiple children need to discuss how fame will change their family dynamics and what kind of support they will offer each other in this fame-driven world.

Things to consider…

A large part of fame is attention from strangers and fans, and celebrities can get more attention than their family counterparts. There is a significant downside to fame and having famous siblings, which relates to the extreme level of attention being in the public eye. This intense attention can strain family relationships and cause problems within the home life.

Although they cannot be completely free of fame’s grip, there are ways to balance fame with family life. Giving equal time and attention to each other’s feelings and focusing on other things in life, can combat the difficulties experienced within the fame frame. The importance of personal time and engaging spiritually can bring much relief and groundedness back into family relationships.
By balancing fame with family life, one can enjoy time spent around friends and family, bringing proper validation and meaning that realigns the importance of love and all that truly matters.

Sibling rivalry is normal and healthy when testing out strengths and limitations. The tricky part is not to cross over to the world of malintent with jealousy in the heart, allowing hate to seep through.
It really does start in childhood but is not impossible to rectify in later life. The will for a healthy sibling relationship has to be there, but acknowledging what went wrong must also be there with the possession of good self-awareness.

It really does start in childhood but is not impossible to rectify in later life. The will for a healthy sibling relationship has to be there but the acknowledgement of what went wrong must be there too in addition to possessing good self-awareness.

Singer-songwriter | Counsellor | Author & researcher: Mel Golding is the founder of Meltopia. Her own experiences of growing up as an artist in the music industry led to her passion for the well-being of artists today. This company is new and will promote products, services and entertainment for all musicians and performing artists. Mel also hosts her show Facing Mel's Music which can be found on Spotify and YouTube.

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