In the music industry, there has always been a ‘bone of contention around the age of the artist or band. If you are in your 30s, you are really chancing it and slightly under pressure pretending to be 28! It is largely the young artists who draw attention to industry executives such as record companies, producers, managers etc. and one should give up trying to make it once one has reached a certain age?! or should they..? what do you think?

Perhaps you think the charts and pop music is for the young? If so, what is the age range? and why? Do genres pertain to certain ages? For example in Jazz music, an artist can get away with being older, or rock is for the over 25’s and pop is for the up to 25’s…etcetera etcetera
Music is for everyone and enjoyed by most across the world, regardless of age. So I want to know from you…what are your feelings on young and old music? What are your feelings about older musicians in music? Can an artist be signed and released when riper in age? What do the young and old members of the public want? Is it offensive to see an older person on-screen performing good music? Do you think there is an age limit in music? And finally,…who is buying?!

One of the many factors that come into account whilst pursuing a career in music is how there seems to be time pressure. Yet it is a totally different career compared to something like modelling or sports where a physical barrier will limit a career in any one of those fields, this can be forgiven as there is a shelf life, where age affects us physically, affecting our looks and capabilities. It can be argued that music is something which improves with age, like a great wine! yet by the time we have reached our peak and learned our craft, many of us do not get the opportunity to be signed or make it into the public eye.

I want to know your views on ageism in Music. Please comment below.

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Singer-songwriter | Counsellor | Author & researcher: Mel Golding is the founder of Meltopia. Her own experiences of growing up as an artist in the music industry led to her passion for the well-being of artists today. This company is new and will promote products, services and entertainment for all musicians and performing artists. Mel also hosts her show Facing Mel's Music which can be found on Spotify and YouTube.

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