Meltopia is a world for creatives where performing arts meet emotional, spiritual & mental well-being. This organisation is new and upcoming with plenty of products and services for musicians and performing artists.

Mental Health

The most talked about topic in recent years is mental health. Discussions saw a drastic rise as conversations followed the Covid pandemic. Now we are facing the conflict of war between Ukraine and Russia as the rippled impacts hit hard and affect everyone on a global scale.

Meltopia is designed for the holistic well-being of musicians and performing artists in mind. Mel Golding, the founder of this organisation, is a singer-songwriter herself who became a Counsellor and researcher in later years. Her empathic understanding of the impacts of the industry was personally felt and experienced during her own youthful years of engaging in a competitive industry full of criticism and rejections. Mel describes her life in music as a ‘life invested in music’ with very little return except for the wonderful audiences she had the pleasure of performing for.

Facing Mel’s Music

Facing Mels Music – Featuring artists from all around the world

Meltopia proudly presents Facing Mel’s Music, a successfully growing podcast show to date. This podcast is hosted by Mel as she interviews all musicians of varied genres and walks of life from across the globe. Her intentions are to allow freedom of expression for upcoming artists who need support, promotion and encouragement during their creative processes. There are many stories behind the budding star’s lives that deserve respect and more importantly to be heard! This show is both entertaining and educating when it comes to the narratives of the guests who feature from all around the world as they reveal their experiences around creating their music and art. Their stories make them unique and bring meaning to their work of art. At times, Mel interviews professionals who are researchers, published authors, course creators and coaches for mental health & wellbeing. Tune into Youtube for the visuals or Spotify for the audio.

Singer-songwriter | Counsellor | Author & researcher: Mel Golding is the founder of Meltopia. Her own experiences of growing up as an artist in the music industry led to her passion for the well-being of artists today. This company is new and will promote products, services and entertainment for all musicians and performing artists. Mel also hosts her show Facing Mel's Music which can be found on Spotify and YouTube.

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